What the hell is 306WD?
    A complete waste of time. Both ours and yours.
Where is the secret page?
    Actually, there are many secret pages. Some are secret because they suck. Some are secret because I haven't put a link for them anywhere (like here) and some are secret cause their links are made with text the same color as the background (such as the secret located on this page). But remember: Just because they are secret, doesn't make them worth looking for
No, what do the letters 306WD mean?
    Pronounced, three-oh-six-doubleU-dee, it's not really anything anymore except a way of living. Take this excerpt that Ryan recently submitted in a lab report; "I don't know. I am dumb. I am dumb because I live at 306WD". Yes, although 306WD started as a stinky, cheap student rental (more about the rental) it has become much more. It is now an engineering consulting firm, an excuse for mental problems, a distraction from productive endeavors, a state-of-being, and a dumping ground for a large amount of junk mail that I sent away for before leaving 306WD. Most importantly it has become a web site, 306WD.com
What's up with M.K.'s hair line?
    Let it go.

So tell me about this attitude
    The attitude is best summed up by our slogan:

    Wasting our time so you can waste yours.

    That's right, we're doing a public service. A service rooted in the belief that somewhere, out in the world, at work somewhere or just staring at the TV, is a person who needs a distraction. Just because we are members of 306WD doesn't make us inhuman, and we too need a distraction. What we're trying to do here at 306WD is mate our need for a distraction with your need for a distraction. When we connect, BAM! it's like magic, you'll be working on an important assignment for the boss or a thesis or surfing the web for an apology gift for your wife and you'll think "Hey, I wonder what those crazy guys are up to at 306WD?" or something along those lines and you'll type it in, or click that bookmark and we will give you 5 or 10 or 15 minutes of distraction. That's what we live for.

    If the distraction makes you so relaxed that your life is better, we'd appreciate a dollar (we just don't like to work and the more you send us, the less we have to work!).

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Why are we doing this?
    This is a commonly asked question, especially when people realize we're paying for this. The answer, of course, is we want to be famous. That's it, rich and famous. We want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone with the caption: "Sexiest group of guys that lived in a chipmunk infested student rental". If we don't get famous from this, it really won't suprise us, but we figure we have a better chance here than winning a Nobel Prize or something like that.
"How can I meet you guys?"
    This is a real common question from the ladies. First check out our bios, if you're still interested, we're not.
How can I become part of 306WD?
    306WD is now hiring. That's right, we got jobs. What kind of jobs? the kind that don't pay at all and no one really wants. But if you're interested in joining our team please email our personnel manager.