We were a web site of the week in January 2002. (note to self: come back and insert something funny here later)
Chipmunk sex!  Not for young eyes! rated us one of the few (if not the only) non-music-related Cosmic Site of the Weeks back in September 1998. We believe it was partly for the Rodent Advertising as much as it was for our giftshop item pictured here.
featured us on April 28,1999 and also felt the urge to spotlight us in their "Men are..." theme for the same week. What we're wondering is: Men Are what?
All-Nighter Award The Nocturnal Society
awarded us the All-Nighter Award. Really the All-Nighter recipient page is just a huge list of time-wasting sites devoted to making important information flow slower across the entire internet.
bestowed 3 Suck-Faces upon Taco Tim's Taco Heaven calling it one of the suckiest personal web sites for the week of March 7, 1999. Although we appreciate the recognition, we feel that we do not fully deserve it since it is not a personal page at all.

Bob Chapman's Homepage
Some guy we don't even know named has listed us twice on his Japes, Jokes and Gags page. Once for general humor it seems (though we are at the bottom of the list) and once for having squirrels. I'm afraid to point out that Douglass was a chipmunk, not a squirrel for fear of losing that #1 Squirrel spot.