The facts about the men at 306WD


  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: Goat Herder
  • Income: $0 (but has a real good time)

    Robert ('Bob' as we call him) enjoys starting building wiring on fire and escaping the binds of friction. Although he has few known living relatives, we're pretty sure he didn't kill the rest. Bob is known for his ability to not care in tense situations, allowing him to remain relaxed at 306WD.

  • Taco Tim

  • Most tacos eaten in one sitting: 42 (and a burrito)
  • Most traffic accidents in one week: 2
  • Number of times lost in Walmart: 4
  • Favorite Movie: Los Dos Gatos

    Tim hasn't been around much lately, at first we thought he was just lost in Walmart, but we soon learned that he is currently on an indefinite sabbatical from 306WD and is spending his time quietly in Texarkana, Arkansas. What he's doing there, we haven't a clue. Every so often he calls up 306WD looking for money we owe him, but since he's so far away, he's easy to avoid.

  • Matt

  • Sign: Slow Children at Play
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Turn-offs: Turkish Prisons
  • Hair: Little and thin

    Matt spends much of his day screwing around with these web pages. Although the 306WD member with the least seniority, he has the only working shower in the house, and is thus the most well bathed, for this reason, he is the public relations contact for 306WD.

  • Ryan

  • Age: 21
  • Occupation: Drunk Bar Guy
  • Income: $130,765 (very good drunk bar guy)
  • Hair Gel: Mr. Manly's Hair Care
  • Turn-off's: Stop signs

    Ryan spends most of his day hiding in the closet from psychopathic people that don't really exist. When he does come out of the closet, Ryan enjoys a good nutty bar and running from psychopathic people that do exist. Being the youngest of the 306WD household, he has the most energy and is often the runner when running is required.

  • Brandon
  • Age: 23ish
  • Hair: More than Matt
  • Favorite Pastime: Finding chipmunks
  • Favorite Saying: "F*!k that"

    Brandon is an on-again, off-again member of 306WD. Currently, he's taking Taco Tim's spot (who is MIA from a Walmart trip). Brandon has a BS in biology which makes him very useful when we try to categorize the new and interesting smells of 306WD. Brandon has a bit of an edge to him and every time he gets out of the house and interacts with people, we get a new and interesting story.