The 306WD Gift Shop

Let everyone know your taste is as bad as ours with these Kewl WaReZ and other items. Make your life better, lose weight and cure what ails you simply by ordering any of the items many, many times.

Note:We know the prices seem a bit much, but please understand not many people would really want to buy this stuff so if we're to get incredibly wealthy we have to charge ALOT for the items. Besides they're sale prices, so even if you order the T-Shirt for 98.99, your still saving $58 (that's a savings of over 33%!) but hurry, the sale can't last!

Taco Man

There was a time when Skellator was king of the sand-box, but not any more. Now there's Taco Man! Able to chop through the crunchiest of all tacos with his karate-chop action. All-you-can-eat Mexican restaurants tremble in fright when Taco Man arrives. Makes a great paper weight too.

        Reg Price: $1564.32
        Sale: $245.50
You save 85%

Taco Man with Karate-Chop Action!
Self Esteem

Feeling low? Your life just a big pile of crap? Then order our self esteem kit. Complete with a autographed, yet compromising photo of Ryan, his grade report sheet from this past term and a copy of the warrant for his arrest for reckless driving. Just one look and your life will seem like a day a paid vacation.

        Reg Price: $167.80
        Sale: $88.40
You save 52%

Self Esteem Kit
306WD Coffee Mugs

Sip in style as your associates envy your fine porcelain coffee mug emblazeden with a 306WD logo in true 306WD fashion.
Available in White, Teal, Black, or Broken

        Reg Price: $55.99
        Sale: $5.00
You save 91%

Coffee Mug Cappuchino/Soup Mugs

Suck down a white creamy froth from your very own cappuchino mug. Or use it for a hearty bowl of soup, we don't care, just hold it in your right hand and let everyone see the letters "" emblazened upon the side.
Available in White, Black and Broken

        Reg Price: $65.78
        Sale: $6.00
You save 90%

cappuchino mug
Commerative Wedding Mugs

Produced in limited runs, the commerative wedding mugs are a delightful gift for any fan.
Available in Black, Blue or White and filled with rice.

      Reg Price: $135.14
      Sale Price: $16/set

Wedding Mugs for Cheap Gifts
Corduroy Pillows

Making headlines across the country! Corduroy pillows are here! Made with the same fabric as the pants your mother bought for you from Sears, the pillows are super tough and gaurnteed to last.
Available filled with down, polyester or packing peanuts

      Reg Price:
        Down or Poly: $456.99
        Peanuts: $122.54
        Down or Poly: $120.00
        Peanuts: $88.50
You save 38 to 74%

Corduory Pillow!
Porcelain Chipmunk Figurines

Remember those porcelain figurines that grandma used to collect? Well these are the same, except they feature our lovable mascot in poses that are more typical of rodents that reproduce quickly. With any luck the following disclaimer will make you more interested: NOT INTENDED FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES OR MEMBERS OF THE ARMY OF GOD

        Reg Price: $988.75
        Sale: $701.33
You save 30%

Porcelain chipmunks doing the nasty