306WD.com presents helpful tips for spotting off-duty Lunch ladies. Each and every one of these tips has been researched to some degree.
  1. They are most often ladies
  2. They wear normal clothes
  3. They usually only have a first name
  4. They are happy not to be serving snotty kids
  5. They are almost never rock stars
  6. They are immune to pick up lines
  7. They do not like to be hit, kicked or scratched
  8. They know the Heimlich Maneuver
  9. They smell like sloppy joes (can't help it)
  10. They are happiest on meatloaf day
  11. They are unhappiest on spaghetti day
306WD.com makes no gaurntee that these are foolproof and you are warned against making any life-or-death decisions based solely on our information. 306WD.com claims no responsibility for anything it is responsible for.