Tuesday In a late press conference the Men of released plans for new site content. The announcement is in response to a recent slump in viewer traffic and signal a strong desperation by the men to waste their time. The web site has been experiencing a steady decrease in traffic since it's inception in 1997 and recently experienced heavy losses due to a world-wide decrease in humor demand.

The $3.4 million dollar project is hoped to inject life into the aging web site. It calls for over 300 new jobs, 482,000 cans of Jolt cola, a downtown office, the programming of Pizza Hut delivery service into the #1 spot on the speed dial and hours and hours of testing on the common man. The project is expected to generate up to 12 new web pages, proofread, within 6 months. Although the topics have not been decided upon they will reportedly be similiar to the varying humor quality already employed in the site and hope to use words like "cranial", "lip smacking", "Porn Superstar", and "Pfizer"


The Men Of drone on about upcoming new content. Man on right will be made fun on in first of many newly created web pages

It is hoped that the new pages will incorporate sexy photos of Geroge Cloony

"The future of the site may or may not depend entirely on this or any other project" spokesman M.K. said. Continuing "however, what is definite is that we have taken out several loans and if this doesn't work Tim's going to lose some fingers". The site is taking applications for beta testers and is also requesting idea submissions. All applications and ideas should be sent on a postcard to your local congressman, since, according to a ranting M.K. "he knows where he can stick it!".

The small web site began in 1997 as a source of distraction to the Men. They have managed to survive the .com clean-out of 1999 and 2000. However it's stock has taken a hit recently, slumping to an all time low of $88.45 before trading up at $89.50 on Monday. The site has a market capitalization of $89.50. --United Truckdrivers Press