NOTICE: This list constitutes the best sites that are good enough for us to secretly recommend.
You've found the Secret Links page! This is a short list of good sites. Ok, actually I think it is a complete list of sites worth linking to. Sites that are what wishes and aspires to be in one way or another.

When the visual world of html internet was new and the masses came most web sites were the stereotypical home page. Back then to get on Netscape's "What's Cool" page you only had to fill out a form. Sites devoted to wasting time or obscure thoughts were new, abundant and the masses loved them. Ironically as the costs to support a site have come down, the number of these sites dwindled. The sites that were very popular became commercial, requiring a Microsoft Passport and a credit card to view, and many of the others just disappeared as the newness wore off and the return on their time invested (i.e. the stats page and the feeling you get as the numbers continuously go downward) just didn't justify the effort. This list is a tribute to some of those people who are putting together entire sites without expecting anything in return and without using phrases like "she is #3 on my list of chicks I would like to bang".

Of course I haven't caught them all, so if you have one to recommend please submit the site and we will take a look, if you are the webmaster of one of the sites below, we'd love to hear from you.

Urinal dot net
Couch Potato Triva
Telephone Sex!
The Corporation
Odd Todd
Derek's Big Website of Wal-Mart Purchase Receipts
The Scary Squirrel World
Poke Alex In The Eye: The Game
The Republic of Johnny Chicken
Saltaire Limited