306WD.com Relationship Tips: How to Deal With Rejection
Dealing with Rejection
Chances are if you've used the 306WD.com Guide to Picking up Hot Chicks or if you've tried freelancing it yourself, you've had to deal with rejection. In this installment of 306WD.com Relationship Tips, the men of 306WD will share with you some advice so you can get over it and be ready to hop in the proverbial saddle again!

Many of these tips have been generated by "field research" and although each may work in only some situations, they have all been 100% tested in the back of our heads while we walked back to our table or bar stool!

In upcoming 306WD.com Relationship Guides, we'll help you pick out the slutty (read: easy) women, give tips on exerting your manliness in crouded bars (without getting beat up), and how to take "evasive" manuvers from large boyfriends.

What the Men have to say

Taco Tim Ryan M.K. Bob
What do you do when she won't accept your drink?

Try cash

Say "no, I insist" and shove it at her

Say "I wasn't talking to you" then walk away

Ask her fat friend

When do you think persistance becomes stalking?

What's stalking?

In which state?

When they knee you in the nuts

I leave that for the judge to decide

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

The kind with leaves and roots

A rubber tree. Get it? Rubber!

I don't like trees.

I'm hung like a tuna can!

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