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watching sabrina again this friday?

When dealing with date rejection, we have different reccomendations depending on your age.
Under 13 (or lived in a trailer park for more than 5 years):
Did you really ask her out or did you just brag to your friends about it? Well if you're going to brag then we have some tips for you: #1 For Pete's sake, brag that she said "yes" and #2 Brag that it was one of the girls from Saved By the Bell and not your cousin.
Between 13 and 21:
Suck it up, try not to cry in front of your friends and turn on Saved By The Bell: In Hawaii. The best thing is to try again. (but not the same girl, that's called "stalking" in most states). No one remembers their prom anyway.
Between 21 and 30:
Keep in mind that you're too young to be in a relationship anyway, and that's where you're headed with pre-arranged dates. Instead use the Guide to Picking Up Hot Chicks and find yourself a respectable friend with benefits (like those loveable friends on Saved By the Bell: The College Years).
Between 30 and 70:
We guess that by now the rejection thing is getting pretty old huh? You've got two choices as we see it: reduce your standards and find a very lonely woman or prostitution. Whichever you choose the Saved By the Bell Malibu episodes can be helpful.
Over 70:
By this point in your history of rejection, you're probably an expert and could tell us a thing or two (go ahead, tell us!). If somehow you've gotten this old and you're new to this whole dating thing then our best advice is to repeat to yourself "I'm too old for this crap". We also reccomend any Saved By the Bell episode, but please consult your physician first.