If it was easy would it be worth it? Back to Rejection Central Not getting her drunk?
"i don't"

This is of course a tough one.... If she declines long before the big day, get the ring back, pawn it and visit the 306WD.com Giftshop for some spirit-lifting shopping.

If she does it the night before the magic moment, marry the caterer. That will show her that you were serious, you'll get some good food and still get to take that honeymoon cruise. If the caterer is a guy, you may want to think twice. (is the Maid of Honor still single?)

If it is during the ceremony with a painful "I don't", then unzip and whip it out right there. This is important for future relations with your family. Do you wanna be reminded and "comforted" by your great aunt every Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthday or would you rather they be afraid to hang out with you?

In any of these cases, it's tough and you probably need to go to the bar. We reccomend you print out the 306WD How to Pick Up Hot Chicks tutorial and get yourself a really classy broad this time. (future installments of this feature will include how to spot the desperate woman).