306WD Guide to Adhesives and Bonding Materials

Clyde likes his Liquid Nails. He feels that proper use of Liquid Nails may allow the team to fabricate an engine block using pink building foam and string. Clyde has been known to put Liquid Nails on everything from aluminum to carpet to chicken.


Being an EE, Floyd is partial to good, hot solder. Because it's use is more limited than most adhesives here, Floyd likes to just melt large spools of solder down to make us think he's actually doing alot of work.

Hortop can't get enough GE Silicon. The ease of a caulk gun combined with the buzz one gets when the ammonia in the silicon is absorbed through cuts on the hand make it a necessity in any respectable garage.


Kirklin is a hot glue man all the way. Even the minor setbacks involved with the Wheel Cover Incident of 1996 didn't hurt his love of the melted adhesive. Kirklin says that the glue is the hippest thing around and useful for repairing gold medallion necklaces.

Dave Savage was reborn when he learned the power of Bondo. With a few quick swipes with a putty knife it does the work of 1 full day of fiberglass in a pinch. Unfortunately, it looks alot like cake frosting, which helps to explain the Great Hospital Race of June 1997.