From time to time, the occupants of 306WD have been known to lie. Often this is an harmless lie that is often an attempt to convince ourselves of something. Here's a list of lies that are heard most often:

1. The smell will go away on it's own
2. I did not take the Vicoria's Secret catalog
3. Chipmunks don't carry rabies
4. Chipmunks will get rid of mice
5. You'll get used to the smell
6. I'll keep the walkway shoveled all winter long
7. I did not pour my drink in the fish tank
8. Nope, no calls for you
9. Nope, no mail for you
10. I sorta like the smell
11. That 4 month old produce in the pantry is not mine
12. The electrical wiring in 306WD does not scare me!
13. The chipmunk won't eat all your food
14. My mom approves of this house
15. I don't smell anything