306WD Joins the New World Order!
    In late 1997, the United Nations contacted the men and rodents of 306WD in an effort to gain support from 306WD. After months of negotiation, many trips to New York and several secret New World Order training camps, and three or four nights spent passed out in a snow bank, 306WD has announced that it will give it's full and unwavering support to the New World Order in return for a piece of the action after NWO victory.

"Hey, if the UN is going to take over the world, we wanna be on their side when it's all said and done.", M.K., director of Public Relations at 306WD commented. He then went on to say, "Besides, we get to wear these really cool blue helmets and park Russian tanks in the driveway, take that neighbor lady!".

Although 306WD's role in the NWO is not well defined, they feel confident that their role will be important. 306WD plans to start a regiment of brainwashing the American people, followed by the replacement of all caffinated beverages with non-caffinated beverages, without altering the labels. In addition to the mind games, chipmunks are being bred and trained by 306WD scientists to carry messages between the UN and the remnants of the Soviet Communist Party.

"With any luck, the Rockafellers will give us CNN after the New World Order places Mr. Rockafeller as King of the Earth."