The 306WD Pointing Tour of Washington D.C.
(Photos by M.K.. .Pointing by Kirklin)

This sign is where we started. It reads "Welcome to Washington D.C." and it made us feel like we were in a very friendly city.
Just a short walk from the sign, we found a statue. Anyone who's been to Washington know's that there are alot of statues. Although we don't know who the statue is of, we're certain that the inscription would tell us, but we had only a few hours left and many things left to point to.
We think this is either art or a device used to attract pigeons away from the many statues (see above). We're pretty certain the sign would have told us if we had bothered to read it.
We didn't have to read the sign on this statue, we knew what we were looking at! It took several minutes for us to stop pointing at this one.
The Legion of Doom!!!
Here's the DOE building where they keep the confiscated free energy devices. We got one poor, nice guard in trouble here and feel bad.
The Capitol Building of course. What pointing tour of Washington would be complete without the Capitol Building?
This is the hotel we stayed at. The place wasn't too bad, only one of our toilets blew up and the noise from the overpass above the building hid the sound of us sneaking along the balconys.
We almost went to visit some of our new friends from the University of Maryland College Park. But we didn't. Instead we took the subway to get some food in Georgetown.
Here's everyone waiting for us to return from our pointing tour.
If you saw something like this you'd point too!