306WD.com has your solution to the Y2K Problem!
    Our crack team of technicians can fix any size Y2K problem before December 1st--- GUARANTEED! Using our patented Smash-and-Run technique, we will put Y2K worries out of your mind, for cheaper than you think!

What is Y2K?

    The Year 2000 computer problem is a plague upon the earth with the potential to cause widespread chaos and panic. It has the ability to cause worldwide computer problems, melted nuclear reactors, lost social security checks, really high interest charges on your credit cards, cars driving off cliffs, water becoming contaminated with the eboli virus, satellites falling on schools filled with young children and many many bad things. And that's all you really need to know.

Why is Y2K such a big problem?

    A long time ago, corporate suits believing that they will be dead by the time the year 2000 rolled around felt like saving a few pennies on the memory required to store all those "19"'. A few years ago however, noticing great advances in cancer research, those same corporate suits were now worried that they stand a good chance of still being here for the year 2000. Frantically, they began trying to repair the old machines, sinking millions of dollars into the pizza and Jolt cola that are required to support an army of programmers. But it was too late.

Why does 306WD believe that it can fix what the geek army cannot?
    Our simple tatic is what some would call a "last-ditch" effort. But it will work and allow you and your company to reap the benefits that come with peace of mind and large insurance policies.

That sounds great, where do I send a check?

    Hold on, we haven't even talked about prices!
    Y2K Threats to Your Well Being

    Overcharged Phone Bills
    Power Service Interruption
    Pat Robertson Being Right
    End of the World
    Increased Use of the Word "Rad"
Ok then, how much does it cost?
    That's better. How can you put a cost on your piece of mind? On the safety of your children? On your lifetime of hard work and dedication? You can't. Luckily we can.
    Only $29.95!

    That's right, under $30. No hidden fees or additional costs that you will be paying us. We do, however, recommend that you begin shopping around for new computer systems, coffee makers, automobiles, power plants and pacemakers immediatly.

Leave cash under 3rd stall room door in the Pontiac, MI Amtrak station mens room shortly after midnight. Guarantee applies only to our work which is successful. All characters in this story are purely fictional, any similarity between them and real life is more than coincidental, but only in a non-legally binding sense.