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    In the fall of 1996, a lowly, 140lb weakling took a trip to Taco Bell. After finishing his Border Select meal, Tim had a vision, and ordered another several tacos. Two hours and 41 original tacos later(plus a burritio that was later admitted as a mistake) Tim emerged with a larger belly and the nickname, Taco Tim. Due to that fateful day, and many other like it, Taco Heaven, the place where all good tacos go after they are enjoyed, was named in his honor. Here at Taco Tim's Taco Heaven you can learn the secrets of the Taco philosophy as well as view and share the joy that tacos have brought to people around the world.
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    Taco Tim's Taco Heaven has been chosen as a wasteofbandwidth.org sucky site of the week! Oddly, "Slippery Dave" believes that this is a personal home page, while it is really not personal at all. It is for the masses.
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This guy had a religious experience at Taco Bell and has to tell the world about it. He also lists Taco Bell's all over the country - I can go to the tacobell.com site for that
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